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Hello and welcome

Thank you very much for visiting. This new website is designed to showcase my work, provide a place to find out about upcoming shows, and allow anyone interested to buy my work. I hope to use this blog to give you an insight into lots of different things that are going on for me; from what I’m working on, things I’m thinking about, what is inspiring me and so on. I will endeavour to post something at least every two weeks, and we’ll see how that goes! If you are visiting and all you can see is this one post please bear with me, I just launched this blog!

This new site was launched in May 2019, to replace a previous site which I did like, but which couldn’t have an integrated blog. I’d like to offer various ways to connect with me as an artist and a blog seems an important part of that puzzle and I wanted it to be part of the website, not something tacked on. So while I liked the layout of the previous site it had to go. It’s replacement is ticking all the boxes so far 🙂

Don’t forget if you’d like to find out when I post a new blog post, hear about upcoming shows or find out when pieces are available for sale, sign up for my newsletter using the form on the right hand side.