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Bridge of Allan

Bridge of Allan is my home town in Scotland. For many years I walked past this building on my way home; it was a public toilet block, with a plain facade. The Provost’s garden sits in front of the block, on the main street, and the blank wall always looked unappealing and out of place. I applied to the council to see if they would fund my painting a mural on the front to make the building more attractive, an they agreed.

The design encapsulates the history of the village. The side panels are Charles Rennie Mackintosh designs, and the main mural from left to right shows:

The old mill, and the water (it was a Victorian Spa town), the Niniveh Fountain, the Museum Hall, the Old Clock, the church which stood on the original site, the heron and the old bridge, Robert Louis Stevenson (who stayed in the village), and Westerton House, the ‘manor house’ of the town.

The mural was all painted using outdoor masonry paint meaning it did not deteriorate over time.